Chez Fonton Restaurant Review

Chez Fonton Review

If you are in search for the best restaurants in Birmingham, Chez Fonton is the best place to dine and visit. This restaurant offers mouth-watering and tasteful meals, appetizers, desserts and wine that come with reasonable prices. If you love to drink wine and cocktail, you don’t need to worry since Chez Fonton offers top quality wine and cocktail selection you can choose from. This restaurant is considered as a must eat place for the locals in Birmingham. When it comes to customer service and atmosphere, Chez Fonton is the perfect option for you to dine. Clientele satisfaction and service is their topmost priority and this is one of the reasons why they strive hard and work together to make their customers satisfied and happy. If you want to taste the best meals of Birmingham, Chez Fonton is the ideal restaurant for you. 

Chez Fonton Restaurant Review


  • Chez Fonton has wide selection of wine, dessert, appetizer and meals that customers will surely love.
  • Some of their offered meals include avocado and crabmeat tartine, cured and grilled sausages, Country Pt, chicken liver and grilled bread, charcuterine platter, escargots, Pheasant Confit, Salade Fonton and many more.
  • In terms of main course, they offer Clochette, Abbaye De Belloc, Comt, Humboldt and Bleu De Causses.
  • Some of their offered desserts include chocolate pot, citrus cheesecake and white chocolate, pumpkin spice cake, almond and pear tart and coconut cake.
  • Chez Fonton also offers garniture such as sauted mushrooms, cabbage and white beans, Brabant potatoes, pommes frites, shallots and Haricots Vert.


  • Chez Fonton is composed of competent, professional and reliable staffs and personnel who are fully skilled and well trained in delivering top quality customer service.
  • The atmosphere at Chez Fonton is ideal for business gathering, classy gathering with friends and date.
  • Chez Fonton offers solid and excellent clientele service. This restaurant is very accommodating and the dining experience is exceptional.
  • The wine service and selection is excellent.
  • Chez Fonton has delectable food and amazing ambiance. Apart from this, they offer delicious and tasteful cocktails that will suit with your desires and taste.
  • When it comes to their dining experience, Chez Fonton will guarantee all their customers that they will never be disappointed with the quality of their food service.


  • Some of the offered meals at Chez Fonton are quite expensive and this is one of the reasons why not all customers can afford to buy one of their best meals.
  • In terms of wines, appetizers and main course, Chez Fonton is the best choice to consider and dine. They guarantee all their customers that their money will never be disappointed once they decide to dine here.


If you are looking for the best and top quality restaurants in Birmingham, you don’t need to look any further since Chez Fonton is the perfect restaurant to visit and dine. Most of their customers are fulfilled, amazed and happy with the overall quality of their food, wine and customer service. Visit Chez Fonton today and be astonished with their offered meals.

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