Highlands Bar & Grill Review

Highlands Bar & Grill Review

If you and your family love to eat finger foods, Highlands Bar & Grill is the perfect place to visit and consider. Once you decide to visit Birmingham, this restaurant is an ideal place to eat and dine. They offer delicious appetizers that come with affordable prices. If you love to drink wine, they offer tasteful wine you will surely love. When it comes to fish selection, you don’t need to worry since they offer also offer fresh fish selection that you can opt from. Highlands Bar & Grill is indeed a must eat place for the locals in Birmingham. In terms of atmosphere and customer service, this restaurant is the best choice for you. Client satisfaction is their top priority and they will do everything in their power to make their clients happy and satisfied. If you want to taste of the best meals of Birmingham, Highlands Bar & Grill is the ideal place to visit.


  • Highlands Bar & Grill has wide selection of fresh fish meal, delicious appetizer, dessert and wine you will definitely love.
  • Some of their offered meals include oysters, deep cove, fresh gulf shrimp, crab claws, Guadalupe special, Today’s Libation and many more.
  • When it comes to appetizer, they offer chicken soup, beef carpaccio, baked grits, grilled pork belly, bay scallops, baked oysters, stone claws, bay shrimp, mixed lettuces and a lot more.
  • In terms of main course, Highlands Bar & Grill offers roasted pork, grilled breast duck, gulf pompano, Abrams Amberjack, seafood muddle, beef cheeks, sweetbreads and New York Strip.

Highlands Bar & Grill Restaurant Review


  • Highlands Bar & Grill offers excellent and solid customer service. This restaurant is very accommodating and the dining experience is excellent.
  • This restaurant has fantastic food and awesome ambiance. They offer great cocktails that will suit with your taste and desires.
  • The wine service and selection is superb. They offer French bread that will allow you to go back to French Countryside and Southern US.
  • The visual for dinner was amazing and it provides an exceptional dining experience.
  • The atmosphere at Highlands Bar & Grill is perfect for classy gathering with friends, date and business gathering.
  • The restaurant staffs and personnel are all friendly and approachable. They make sure that they can attend to the needs of their customers.
  • If you are looking for the best dining experience in Birmingham, Highlands Bar & Grill is the perfect place for you to consider and visit.

Review: Highlands Bar & Grill


  • Some of the offered meals are very expensive and this is one of the top reasons why not all people can afford to dine here.
  • When it comes to delicious finger foods, tasteful cocktails, mouth-watering appetizers and desserts, Highlands Bar & Grill is the ideal restaurant to dine and visit.


If you and your friends are planning for an excellent night-out, Highlands Bar & Grill is the best restaurant for you. They offer top quality dining experience that customers deserve to receive. They work hand in hand to assure their clients that they will never be disappointed in visiting this restaurant.

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