Hop City Beer and Wine Review

Hop City Beer and Wine Review

Are you one of those people who really love to drink beer and wine? If your answer is yes, Hop City Beer and Wine is the best place to consider and visit. They specialized in sodas, sakes, ciders, wine and beer. They were established in the year 2012. Hop City Beer and Wine is committed to excellence in beer and wine selection and knowledge ever since they have started in Atlanta.

I’m a wine drinker. Before I moved to Birmingham, I had a client for my Ewa Beach towing company that was from there and she recommended a few spots to check out. Hop City Beer and Wine was one of them!


  • They opened a restaurant in Birmingham which is number two to open in 2012 and continues their commitment forward to new clientele.
  • In addition to this, Hop City Beer and Wine carries 4 meads, 24 sodas, 24 ciders, 24 sakes, 850 wines and 1100 different beers.
  • Apart from this, they have 60 draft taps that customers can either take home a growler from or enjoy a pint while visiting them.
  • They have friendly and knowledgeable staff and personnel who will answer all your questions and concerns.

Bar Reviews: Hop City Beer and Wine


  • Hop City Beer and Wine is composed of professional, competent and reliable staffs and personnel who are well trained and fully skilled in providing the best wine and beer service to all their valued clients.
  • They have a huge retail beer selection, wine and beer chiller, wine section and beer section.
  • Customer will surely love their huge patio and this is one of the reasons why they are considered as one of the best liquor stores.
  • One of the best things about Hop City Beer and Wine is that they have various types of wine and beer that customers can choose from.
  • They also offer free tasting events.
  • Customers can also take home some of their fresh and best craft beer in their growler.
  • With their decent beer and wine selection, customers can be sure that you will have the best tasting wine and beer in the city.
  • If you want to drink and taste the best wine and beer in the city, Hop City Beer and Wine is the ideal place to visit.
  • Most of their personnel had undergone thorough wine and beer training to guarantee all their customers that they can meet and go beyond their expectations, desires and needs.


  • Some of the prices of beers and wines are expensive and this is one of the reasons why not all wine and beer drinkers can afford to buy the most expensive one.
  • When it comes to their wine and beer service, customers would never be disappointed. Majority of their staffs and personnel are well trained in providing first class quality wine and beer service customers would definitely love.

Hop City Beer and Wine Birmingham Review


In terms of wine and beer service, Hop City Beer and Wine is the perfect liquor store to visit. They are always ready and willing to offer their customers with top quality beer and wine that is worth paying for. They assure all their respected customers that they will never go wrong in visiting their store. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Hop City Beer and Wine today and be astounded with their mouth-watering wine and beer selection.

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