Avondale Brewery Company

Avondale Brewery Company

Alabama is making remarkable headway in the brewery business. Sites like Gadsden, Birmingham, and other places, are opening many craft breweries. Avondale Brewing Company, situated on the east part of downtown Birmingham, is a remarkable place to acquire a pint craft beer in relaxed outdoor and indoor seating. It is situated in a reclamation site, on the other hand, is secure as long as you keep close as possible to the new restaurant and brewery locations.

The historic building of Avondale Brewing Company has an infamous and rich background, having been a place to a surplus of businesses. For years, the structure has been a place to a firehouse, a post office, a bank, and many years were also a common local bar which is the Long Branch Saloon. The second floor of the structure was a secret bordello that serves saloon clients below. According to the myth, the structure has been haunted by an ex-lady of the brothel, today known to existing tenants lovingly as Meredith.

The Avondale boasts roughly 8 craft brews on all given day and flights are accessible. The IPAs are superb and one is extremely high gravity, like about 9.5 percent. The accessible craft brews are itemized on a blackboard above the bar. Servants or waiters are friendly and helpful, and they pass out chips and snacks eagerly. 

Avondale Brewery Company Review

There is nothing better than remarkable stories told over cold great beer. That is why at ABC, they have named their beers after the Avondale folklore. They craft their beers with a similar exceptional character as well as style. Teamwork between Hunter and Coby Lake, the company is a locally operated and owned brewery located in the mid of the Deep South.

A fascinating taproom ideal for happy hour with friends and loved one or a weekend of football makes this brewery a good choice for taking a local brew. But, it is the roomy back patio which makes this place a frequent hotspot in Birmingham’s neighborhood. Food isn’t offered at the Avondale, but 2 restaurants nearby are on hand to buy foods which you can take inside the brewery that is totally recommended and acceptable.

Avondale Brewery Company

Avondale Brewery Company Family

Combine the beauty of a notable town, the dedications of many good friends and associates, a rooted admiration for the skill of brewing and you have uncovered the start of what the company of Avondale is all about. When you are looking for an unmistakable affinity for handmade brews, then this is the best place to go to.

Lodged in an important structure that was once a brothel, a saloon, and a pharmacy, the renowned Avondale Brewing Company is connecting the past and present as one. The company made their beers with the same superb and exceptional character as well as style as the stories which have stimulated them. Avondale Brewery Company is a locally operated and owned company which is committed to revitalizing the neighborhood at the same time bringing back the bracing of Avondale, Alabama.

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