Carrigan’s Public House Review

Are you searching for a unique place to eat and dine with friends and family members? Then why not consider Carrigan’s Public House located on Morris Avenue.


There are lots of diverse seating choices at Carrigan’s Public House. There’ s outdoor seating on the rooftop and on the ground level with a remarkable sight of the city, booth, tables, bar stools and the type of hybrid open seating for the group. This restaurant has the seating arrangement regardless of what the party size is. This place can accommodate many guests.

The old Blackwell structure has been professionally refurbished in order to accommodate the restaurant and other business workplaces as well as home loft areas. Relaxed outdoor seating offers a stunning sight of passing trains. The inside may be labelled as metro-industrial. Bare pipes, as well as ductwork, together with painted concrete floor are a good addition to the old style warehouse atmosphere. Electrical boxes serve as architectural decors and freshly wrought iron light furnishing have an early 20th-century utilitarian air to them.

Carrigan’s Public House

The Food 

Carrigan’s Public House offers lots of mouthwatering food to choose from. On the other hand, the most sought after item is the corn dog. It has a remarkable sauce that will surely make your day complete. You can also try the oxtail chili on the fries and get some additional guajillo ketchup and hipster ranch. Also, try the rail man’s fried and chicken and the double which is awesome. The Ceasar salad is a sure winner as well.

Carrigan’s Public House Food Review


You will surely impress with the wide listing of drinks the Carrigan’s Public House offer. This restaurant has virtually always had something to offer that makes you think you and your friends are happy to be at this place. The little guy growing up is very much popular it is a mixture of tequila, myrrh, and orange, mint, prosecco; girls love the sweet lies which are mixture or gin, lemon, liquor Strega, Campari. If you love martini you can choose the classic a mixture or Plymouth gin, Regan’s orange bitters Dolin dry vermouth, or The Dirty a combination of Bombay sapphire gin, olive brine, Dolin dry vermouth, lemon bitters. You can also try the BY THE TRACKS which is a mixture of card amaro, Hendrick’s gin, creole bitters or the PRIVATE HOUSE a made of Bristow gin, Peychaud’s bitters. Cocchi americano rosa.

Carrigan’s Public House Review


No other restaurant within the area that can beat Carrigan’s Public House located when it comes to customer service. Waiters are fast and very welcoming, they know their stuff and very smart and attentive. That is a rare mixture that you must appreciate.

All in all the Carrigan’s Public House is one of the best restaurants in Birmingham. This is due to a cool and refreshing ambiance, with so many rooms available. It can accommodate guests and the outdoor seating with an overview of the city are very remarkable. There are ample choices of food and drinks that you and your family will surely love. The staff is very friendly and accommodating.

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