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Breakout Games (Birmingham) Review

Breakout Games Birmingham, Alabama Review

Located at 2717 19th Pl S, Homewood, Breakout Games in Birmingham is quickly gaining a stellar reputation for providing innovative fun for friends and families. Just about every Breakout Games Birmingham review gives it top marks.

On a vacation, I went with my Oahu Mobile Mechanic friend. With his problem solving talents, we broke out!

Instead of watching an adventure, your group can enjoy your own adventure. You can pick among different scenarios, and then you’ll have 60 minutes to follow the clues, solve the puzzles, and crack the codes to break out! 

Falafel Cafe Review

Falafel Cafe Birmingham, Alabama Review

If you’re in Birmingham, Alabama, you ought to try the Falafel Café on 19th St S and 4th Ave S. It is run by a guy named Moses who’s from Bethlehem, and the Jewish/Middle Eastern fare here is fantastic.


  • Almost everyone is a fan of the fresh dishes, and these people here prepare the food virtually perfectly.
  • The staff people are very friendly and warm, and you’ll be greeted like a close friend when you return.
  • You can try out various samples, though you must absolutely check out the shawarma, falafel, yogurt salad with cucumbers, Jerusalem salad, tabbouleh, kofta kabob, and the lentil soup.
  • It’s very clean, not too noisy, and the prices are very reasonable.
  • There’s takeout, there’s no alcohol so it’s good to bring kids here, and it has a TV. It’s a very casual place and it’s not all that noisy either.
  • There’s bike parking.
  • There are 10 tables available, and most of the time you can get a seat.