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Falafel Cafe Review

Falafel Cafe Birmingham, Alabama Review

If you’re in Birmingham, Alabama, you ought to try the Falafel Café on 19th St S and 4th Ave S. It is run by a guy named Moses who’s from Bethlehem, and the Jewish/Middle Eastern fare here is fantastic.


  • Almost everyone is a fan of the fresh dishes, and these people here prepare the food virtually perfectly.
  • The staff people are very friendly and warm, and you’ll be greeted like a close friend when you return.
  • You can try out various samples, though you must absolutely check out the shawarma, falafel, yogurt salad with cucumbers, Jerusalem salad, tabbouleh, kofta kabob, and the lentil soup.
  • It’s very clean, not too noisy, and the prices are very reasonable.
  • There’s takeout, there’s no alcohol so it’s good to bring kids here, and it has a TV. It’s a very casual place and it’s not all that noisy either.
  • There’s bike parking.
  • There are 10 tables available, and most of the time you can get a seat.

Delta Blues Hot Tamales Birmingham Review

Birmingham has becoming a mecca for foodies, but Delta Blues Hot Tamales Birmingham has remained a favorite.

Great Food

First of all, there’s no denying that the dishes they serve are absolutely delicious. One of the classics here is the Mississippi Melt. You have tamales with toppings of charred corn relish, Crossroads Queso, and simmering sauce.

Another bestseller is the smothered chicken which is smothered in queso and turnip greens, and the result is fantastic.

Masaman Thai Kitchen Review

Masaman Thai Kitchen Birmingham, AL Review

Masaman Thai Kitchen in Birmingham, AL isn’t the only restaurant in the city that serves authentic Thai food. But for a growing number of folks in Vestavia Hills and nearby areas, it has become the place for takeout Thai food.


Masaman Thai Kitchen only has a few tables so about 15 guests may be accommodated at a time. This is why most people order food to go.

Still, you can talk to the friendly husband and wife owners, and they can even give you tips on the best fish sauce to use for your own Thai dishes at home. 

Highlands Bar & Grill Review #2

Highlands Bar & Grill Review #2

If you live in Birmingham, you don’t really need to read a Highlands Bar & Grill Birmingham restaurant review. You know they’re fantastic. Even visitors know about the great food and service that this restaurant offers.

In fact, many residents in Alabama who live outside Birmingham tend to visit the city just to eat here. This is a truly iconic spot. It’s a mainstay in many Best Restaurant lists nationwide, and often it’s the only Alabama restaurant included in such lists.

Short History

The history of Highlands Bar & Grill began with Frank Stitts. He developed his culinary skills in France and California and then came back to his native Alabama as a 28-year old restaurateur in 1982. His focus on Southern cuisine began many decades before it became trendy throughout the country.

He was imaginative and was able to present Southern fare in more innovative ways. He used mushrooms and slivers of ham to pretty up his baked grits. He served red wine with red snapper and ham hock sauce. He offered flounder along with lady pea succotash.

Not surprisingly, the reputation of his restaurant grew, and now Frank Stitts owns 3 highly regarded restaurants in Birmingham. But the Highlands Bar & Grill remains the most famous. 

Carrigan’s Public House Review

Are you searching for a unique place to eat and dine with friends and family members? Then why not consider Carrigan’s Public House located on Morris Avenue.


There are lots of diverse seating choices at Carrigan’s Public House. There’ s outdoor seating on the rooftop and on the ground level with a remarkable sight of the city, booth, tables, bar stools and the type of hybrid open seating for the group. This restaurant has the seating arrangement regardless of what the party size is. This place can accommodate many guests.

The old Blackwell structure has been professionally refurbished in order to accommodate the restaurant and other business workplaces as well as home loft areas. Relaxed outdoor seating offers a stunning sight of passing trains. The inside may be labelled as metro-industrial. Bare pipes, as well as ductwork, together with painted concrete floor are a good addition to the old style warehouse atmosphere. Electrical boxes serve as architectural decors and freshly wrought iron light furnishing have an early 20th-century utilitarian air to them.

Carrigan’s Public House

The Food 

Carrigan’s Public House offers lots

Highlands Bar & Grill Review

Highlands Bar & Grill Review

If you and your family love to eat finger foods, Highlands Bar & Grill is the perfect place to visit and consider. Once you decide to visit Birmingham, this restaurant is an ideal place to eat and dine. They offer delicious appetizers that come with affordable prices. If you love to drink wine, they offer tasteful wine you will surely love. When it comes to fish selection, you don’t need to worry since they offer also offer fresh fish selection that you can opt from. Highlands Bar & Grill is indeed a must eat place for the locals in Birmingham. In terms of atmosphere and customer service, this restaurant is the best choice for you. Client satisfaction is their top priority and they will do everything in their power to make their clients happy and satisfied. If you want to taste of the best meals of Birmingham, Highlands Bar & Grill is the ideal place to visit.


  • Highlands Bar & Grill has wide selection of fresh fish meal, delicious appetizer, dessert and wine you will definitely love.
  • Some of their offered meals include oysters, deep cove, fresh gulf shrimp, crab claws, Guadalupe special, Today’s Libation and many more.
  • When it comes to appetizer, they offer chicken soup, beef carpaccio, baked grits, grilled pork belly, bay scallops, baked oysters, stone claws, bay shrimp, mixed lettuces and a lot more.
  • In terms of main course, Highlands Bar & Grill offers roasted pork, grilled breast duck, gulf pompano, Abrams Amberjack, seafood muddle, beef cheeks, sweetbreads and New York Strip.

Chez Fonton Restaurant Review

Chez Fonton Review

If you are in search for the best restaurants in Birmingham, Chez Fonton is the best place to dine and visit. This restaurant offers mouth-watering and tasteful meals, appetizers, desserts and wine that come with reasonable prices. If you love to drink wine and cocktail, you don’t need to worry since Chez Fonton offers top quality wine and cocktail selection you can choose from. This restaurant is considered as a must eat place for the locals in Birmingham. When it comes to customer service and atmosphere, Chez Fonton is the perfect option for you to dine. Clientele satisfaction and service is their topmost priority and this is one of the reasons why they strive hard and work together to make their customers satisfied and happy. If you want to taste the best meals of Birmingham, Chez Fonton is the ideal restaurant for you.