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Sloss Furnace Review

Sloss Furnace Review

We recently took a limo tour throughout Birmingham and it was great. Sloss Furnace was one of the stops and I thought it was a pretty cool attraction. So, I’ll share a bit of it with you guys.

Sloss Furnaces is located in Birmingham, state of Alabama, and considered a National Historic Landmark. It functioned as a pig iron manufacturing blast furnace from the year 1882 up to the year 1971. After closing the facility, it turns out to be one of the main industrial sites as well as the solitary blast furnace in the United States to be upheld and restored for public purposes. In the year 1981, Sloss Furnaces were chosen a National Historic Landmark by USDI. At present, the site is used as an informational museum of business and hosts a nationwide recognizes metal arts program. The place is also a festival and concert venue. Erection is also ongoing on a new 10 million dollar visitor’s center. A Halloween haunted attraction knew as Sloss Fright Furnace is held yearly at the place. 

Avondale Brewery Company

Avondale Brewery Company

Alabama is making remarkable headway in the brewery business. Sites like Gadsden, Birmingham, and other places, are opening many craft breweries. Avondale Brewing Company, situated on the east part of downtown Birmingham, is a remarkable place to acquire a pint craft beer in relaxed outdoor and indoor seating. It is situated in a reclamation site, on the other hand, is secure as long as you keep close as possible to the new restaurant and brewery locations.

The historic building of Avondale Brewing Company has an infamous and rich background, having been a place to a surplus of businesses. For years, the structure has been a place to a firehouse, a post office, a bank, and many years were also a common local bar which is the Long Branch Saloon. The second floor of the structure was a secret bordello that serves saloon clients below. According to the myth, the structure has been haunted by an ex-lady of the brothel, today known to existing tenants lovingly as Meredith.

The Avondale boasts roughly 8 craft brews on all given day and flights are accessible. The IPAs are superb and one is extremely high gravity, like about 9.5 percent. The accessible craft brews are itemized on a blackboard above the bar. Servants or waiters are friendly and helpful, and they pass out chips and snacks eagerly. 

Carrigan’s Public House Review

Are you searching for a unique place to eat and dine with friends and family members? Then why not consider Carrigan’s Public House located on Morris Avenue.


There are lots of diverse seating choices at Carrigan’s Public House. There’ s outdoor seating on the rooftop and on the ground level with a remarkable sight of the city, booth, tables, bar stools and the type of hybrid open seating for the group. This restaurant has the seating arrangement regardless of what the party size is. This place can accommodate many guests.

The old Blackwell structure has been professionally refurbished in order to accommodate the restaurant and other business workplaces as well as home loft areas. Relaxed outdoor seating offers a stunning sight of passing trains. The inside may be labelled as metro-industrial. Bare pipes, as well as ductwork, together with painted concrete floor are a good addition to the old style warehouse atmosphere. Electrical boxes serve as architectural decors and freshly wrought iron light furnishing have an early 20th-century utilitarian air to them.

Carrigan’s Public House

The Food 

Carrigan’s Public House offers lots