Breakout Games (Birmingham) Review

Breakout Games Birmingham, Alabama Review

Located at 2717 19th Pl S, Homewood, Breakout Games in Birmingham is quickly gaining a stellar reputation for providing innovative fun for friends and families. Just about every Breakout Games Birmingham review gives it top marks.

On a vacation, I went with my Oahu Mobile Mechanic friend. With his problem solving talents, we broke out!

Instead of watching an adventure, your group can enjoy your own adventure. You can pick among different scenarios, and then you’ll have 60 minutes to follow the clues, solve the puzzles, and crack the codes to break out! 

Your options include:

  • Mystery Mansion. You’re in the ruins of an old abandoned mansion once owned by a strange family. Try to discover its real secrets before the clock runs out!
  • The Kidnapping. Your group members are captives, and all of you are blindfolded and handcuffed in a strange room filled with clues and puzzles. You have to free yourselves before the kidnapper returns in an hour.
  • Museum Heist. All of you are former art thieves, but now you’ve been hired to find stolen artwork before a prestigious gallery opening. You have to break in into the home of the thief, and find the stolen art before the clock runs out.
  • Operation: Casino. This is a spy game, and all of you are spies looking for a missing agent and aiming to bring down an evil syndicate.
  • Island Escape. On your tropical island vacation, the local volcano erupts! You must find the keys to safety before the lava reaches you.
  • Hostages. You are held hostage by an airplane hijacker, and you must escape.

Kids are welcome to join, and often they’re the ones who can think out of the box to solve sole of the puzzles. Each scenario has a Game Master that can help guide you through your adventure, so even newbies can start an adventure right away!

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